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Bill invites you to watch this brief video clip to take best advantage of his website. He is the founder of WaterNestSeekers, part of Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd., Brokerage, located locally in Clarkson Village.

Bill’s focus and expertise is  in the South Mississauga waterfront communities his family has called home for over 25 years: Lorne ParkPort CreditClarksonMineola and Lakeview.

He’s not here today, and gone tomorrow. He builds lasting relationships with you to help before, during and long after any move you may make… unlike most who chase you for a near term pay cheques. Whether you’re thinking about 3 months or 3 years, he’s good with that. No pressure, just help.

The Top 10 Differentiators. Why use Bill?

Clients consistently report ten “differences” which put Bill ahead of the pack.

These ten key success factors drove their high trust in him, their 5 out-of 5 star ratings for results, service and value far exceeding his compensation, and why they help those they care about most by enthusiastically referring Bill to them:

  1. Results: Out performs the market. Bill’s goal is to earn your 5 Star rating after all is said and done, so that you’ll encourage those you know they’d be wise to contact him for help. To achieve this, he delivers the most net $$ in your pocket (even after deducting his compensation!), within your timeline, and with the least hassle. You decide which of these three goals is your #1 priority, which then drives the strategies Bill uses to achieve what you want. Bill has over 20 years experience helping people one at a time to achieve their lifestyle and financial goals. He’s sure do the same for you.
  2. Attracts a superior flow of motivated and qualified buyers and their agents, triggering multiple offer negotiations. Leverages an innovative and aggressive 37 point Buyer Attraction Marketing Plan (which he’ll ask you to review in preparation for your Seller Consultation Meeting).  He utilises the latest on-line strategies and social media focused tools – well beyond the “list on the MLS and pray” approach used by average agents. He draws on his past VP Sales International role success, drawing on the most effective leading edge proven techniques.
  3. You choose from options for listing price and compensation strategies. Provides you with alternatives. Discusses the pros / cons and rewards / risks of each, and the expected impact on your results. You decide upon which is used. Bill’s embraces your decision. Importantly, he patiently explains why it’s always in your best interest to focus on maximising the net $$ you walk away with in your pocket (after all expenses, including his compensation), rather than focusing on minimising just your commission expense,  as most people unwisely do… leaving a fortune on the table.
  4. Advanced negotiation skills. Achieves what’s most important for you, leveragTestimonial-Google+-AndreaRankin(Mar24-16) copying his win:win approach.
  5. Backed by the top flight team and branding of South Mississauga’s Market Share Leader, Royal LePage. The simple but important fact is, more people choose Royal LePage to sell or buy their South Mississagua home than anyone else. Next to, has the highest traffic of any real estate website in Canada. Your property being featured on it attracts local, national and international buyers alike. By definition, Bill’s respected colleagues and he represent the most motivated and well qualified buyers interested in South Mississauga properties. We “shop” your property to them immediately following paperwork being signed. The best value homes are often sold to our Buyers before they are ready to go onto the MLS System® for everyone else to see, to your advantage. Also, when Bill encounters an unusual situation or wants a trusted 2nd opinion, he can count on his branch’s Broker of Record, Anne Alkok and his top performing Royal LePage colleagues, for wise advice and assistance. Bill’s backed by the ethical, skilled and successful team at Royal LePage, to help sell your home to your benefit. You’ll meet them, be impressed and grateful for the critical role they play in your results.
  6. Skilled Communicator: Priority Access and Always Updated. Once the paperwork has been signed to get Bill busy working for you, you’re immediately moved up from his Economy into his First Class section. Bill chooses to restrict First Class to 2-6 families at any given time. Your Calls/texts/emails are responded to in 15 minutes or less 95% of the time 7 days a week and evenings, unless he’s critically engaged with one of his other 5 First Class families at that moment in time, or sleeping for the night. As soon as he’s able, he get’s back to you promptly. When Bill’s unhooked and taking family time, you’ll know in advance, and who to contact for urgent help. He’ll update you on progress and events with a frequency and method you choose. You’ll never wonder what’s going on, or feel out of touch.Testimonial - Jill
  7. Sage financial acumen. Treats your money as if it where his own. Views things from your shoes. His CPA designation and past CFO executive roles brings perspective.
  8. Professional ethical behaviour above reproach. This is so refreshing in an industry perceived by most in which this is lacking. His consistent process significantly reduces your risk of a deal collapsing before closing, a post sale lawsuit and other unpleasant events. Bill’s actions consistently proof that his achieving your goals and best interests, are ahead of his and anyone else.
  9. Encourages you to compare to others. The single biggest determinant of your success, is which Realtor® you select. You must use the absolute best Realtor® you can find, and trust. Your home is often the most valuable asset you possess. Bill respects that you have over 48,000 agents across the GTA from which to choose from. Full-time / part-time, local expertise / none, stellar results / not, ethical / not, 2 deals per year to hundreds, transaction or relationship oriented, big team or individuals, etc. He encourages you to interview one or two others, as they make him shine by comparison. Do your research. Watch all Bill’s Clients’ video testimonials on his YouTube Channel. Check out their rating scores on Google+. Follow Bill on Facebook to find the latest South Mississauga market stats and content important to you as a seller, buyer, investor and/or home owner. Call Bill and ask to be able to speak with any of his Clients you choose. They’ve all offered to speak with you directly, and he’ll promptly connect you. Compare all this to theirs… if they have them. You’ll want to interview Bill.
  10. Consistency: Calm, friendly, positive, personable, low ego, swagger of confidence and humorous. You’ll enjoy the time you spend with Bill. He’s earned his grey hair and laugh lines, but he’s still 25 in his mind, energy, passion and actions!

Bill respectfully suggests you meet with him for a brief Seller Consultation Meeting as part of your selection process – particularly if you have a friend / family member in the business, your last agent, your neighbour used another or you’re tempted by a glossy flyer.

He’ll answer all your questions and ensure you have all the information you need to make a great decision for yourself as to who you want in your court representing your best interests. There’s no obligation. What’s the worst that could happen if you do? What’s the most likely and best outcome for you? Think about it, and call Bill on his mobile today at 416-671-0554. Talk in confidence, without pressure and with no obligation. You’ll be so glad you did!

How Bill’s Working By Referral brings you massive benefits.

No Challenge Too Great

Bill’s drive really allows him to rise to the challenge in his real estate career. A consummate professional, he approaches each of his Client’s moves with a tenacious determination that allows them to feel at ease while he handles their important investment. Recognizing that every Client is unique, he looks forward to exceeding their expectations and helping them achieve success.

Turn To Bill As Your Trusted Advisor for South Mississauga

Bill’s a seasoned professional real estate advisor. He exudes the positive outlook and calm demeanour you need to make the best decisions for yourself.  With commitment and care, he and his WaterNestSeekers and Royal Lepage teams are the ones to honour with your trust.

Bill’s focus and expertise is on the South Mississauga waterfront communities his family has called home for over 25 years: Lorne ParkPort CreditClarksonMineola and Lakeview. He builds lasting relationships to help before, during and long after any moves his Client’s may make, rather than chasing near term transaction pay cheques like most.

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