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Bill Gardiner’s Charter Promise – For “Zoomers” Who Love the Water Lifestyle

This Charter Promise speaks to who my WaterNestSeekers team and I are, our core values and what we represent. Before focusing on delivering exceptional value through the services, advice and information we provide, we strategically chose who we want to be and what we want to stand for. Please hold us accountable to this, and call us out if you feel we have fallen short.

Enduring Purpose
To help Zoomers make the best decisions for themselves via opportunities to enrich their lives through the lifestyle, health and financial benefits of owning water-adjacent homes and cottages.

Values | Who We Are
• We are fun and enjoyable to work with.
• We are curious, making us life long learners.
• We are productive.
• We are purposeful.
• We are truthful, especially when it is hard to hear.

Operational Practices | What We Do
• We ask, listen, hear and truly understand our Client’s goals and interests, consistently
putting them ahead of our own.
• We deliver unexpected value every day.
• We build long-term personal relationships, not just chase the near-term transaction.
• We serve, educate and advise our Clients, not “sell them”.
• We authentically attract trust and success.
• We do what we say we are going to do, and when we say we are going to do it.
• We work together a s a single world-class team.
• We don’t hire people or service partners, we invest in those who believe in what we do.

Guiding Principles | What We Know
• Trust is the greatest gift you can give someone, and separates the great from the good. We
will trust people until they prove otherwise.
• Happiness comes first, then comes success.
• Success is the continuous process of overcoming challenges.
• We will not always do things right, however we will always do the right things.
• There is nothing that cannot be accomplished, when the right team gets involved in a
worthy cause, unattached from who gets the credit.
• There is nothing to fear when we are open to everything and attached to nothing.
• Making the simple, complex, is easy and common, however making the complex, simple,
is pure creativity.
• We start with the Client’s experience, and then work backwards.

Promise to You
We promise to be true to Our Enduring Purpose and take consistent action as set out in our Service Pledge Guarantee, which is in line with who we are, what we do and what we

I so promise,

This Charter Promise was last revised January 31, 2014.

Help and Information
Please feel welcome to email me any questions you might have, or I’ll be happy to set up a no-obligation meeting to discuss your unique situation. I’m happy to see if I can help. You won’t be
obligated to work with me. Contact me now!