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Relocation REALTOR® Referral Service by Bill Gardiner


Find a REALTOR® outside of South Mississauga that you both Trust and Want To Work With.

Here is the situation in which Bill’s Relocation REALTOR Referral Service my be valued by you.

Are you thinking of buying or selling real estate in community other than South Mississauga? Not familiar with THAT area? You know you want to work with a top producing REALTOR® whose focus in on THAT community, but how do you identify a great one? One that you both trust and would enjoy working with?

According to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), there were 108,706 real estate agents in Canada. That is approximately one REALTOR® for every 245 Canadians over the age of 19. Like every profession, there are the great REALTORS®, and those whose skills are well below average. Many of these do not work in the profession full time!

How do you ever identify a top producing REALTOR® who’s focus is in the area you are transacting in, who will put your best interests ahead of their own, and who fit with your personality to make the experience low stress and enjoyable?

Using Bill Gardiner’s Relocation REALTOR Referral Service may save you money, give you peace of mind and simplify an already complicated relocation.

Bill has a network of contacts throughout North America which he leverages to match you to a skilled and trusted REALTOR® specializing in the geographical area and type of property of interest to you.

He will interview you to identify your needs, conduct research, interview a short list of REALTORS®, and recommend two (2) alternative REALTORS® for you to select from. No are not obliged to use either of them. If you decide to be represented by any other REALTOR®, you are free to do so without obligation.

How does Bill get compensated for this service? Consistent with industry norms, Bill will typically receive 25% of the commission earned on your transaction by the REALTOR® Bill referred you to, should you decide to engage them. There is no incremental cost of this service to you.

Contact Bill today by filling in the form below, if you would like to take advantage of Bill’s Relocation REALTOR Referral Service. Simply write “REALTOR® Referral” in the comments box below. It’s that easy!

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