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What is a Zoomer? Are You a Zoomer?

What is the Zoomer Lifestyle?

Zoomers DancingGosh, this is by far the most frequent question I get from people. So here you go!! <grin>

The Definition of a Zoomer

Zoomers X-Country skiingA Zoomer is a Baby Boomer with zip. They are discriminating people aged 45+ who are passionate about remaining socially and culturally engaged, healthy, active and fabulous:

Zoomers walking on beach“The population bubble that was the youth market 30 years ago is today, the market I’ve defined as Zoomers. They are a growing, vibrant and affluent community. They look at the world with optimism; they are engaged and aspire to enrich their lives and their communities” ~ Moses Znaimer, Founder of City TV and current CEO of ZoomerMedia.

Zoomer Lifestyle Resources

This is a Zoomer super site. features topics ranging from breaking news, Zoomers scuba divingcomprehensive reporting, classifieds, dating, rich media and a social network layer. It serves as a lifestyle website customized for the discriminating 45+ demographic. It combines the best of cutting edge “web 2.0” technologies with subjects that matter to Zoomers. These topics include health, finance, travel, relationships, sex, lifestyle, arts and entertainment, spirituality, and more.Zoomers mountain climbing

Zoomer Cover (Jun-14)

Zoomer Magazine (June, 2014 Issue)

The Baby Boomer Bible” for Canadians.  It is not just the essential source of news, ideas and information for Zoomers.  It’s the eyes and ears, the voice and the advocate for a generation aged 45+. Published nine times a year, it is the largest paid circulation print magazine in Canada for Zoomers. It was launched in 2008 under the leadership of magazine icon Suzanne Boyde (formerly with Flare magazine). It is the groundbreaking publication and Moses Zanier’s ZoomerMedia Limited flagship property. From finance, fitness, food and travel to health, beauty, fashion and ideas, Zoomer magazine spots the trends, celebrates the heroes and offers indispensable advice for Zoomers. Each issue also features a chapter of Moses “Zoomer Philosophy”.

Zoomers bike ridingGo on, get out and enjoy life by participating in the amazing variety of Zoomer events happening THIS WEEK in South Mississauga!

Senior couple cyclingCARP is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization. It is committed to a “New Vision of Aging for Canada”. It promotes social change that will bring financial security, equitable access to health care and freedom from discrimination. Their mandate is to promote and protect the interests, rights and quality of life for Zoomer Zoomers downhill skiingCanadians as they age.


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